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Donnerstag, 26.09.2019, 15:00 Uhr (WIAS-406)
Joint Research Seminar on Nonsmooth Variational Problems and Operator Equations / Mathematical Optimization
Prof. Dr. Martin Brokate, Technische Universität München:
Sensitivity in rate independent evolutions
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Weierstraß-Institut, Mohrenstr. 39, 10117 Berlin, 4. Etage, Weierstraß-Hörsaal (Raum: 406)

As a topic in science, rate independent evolutions have appeared more than 100 years ago; their study as a mathematical subject in its own began in the 1960's. We will present some basic issues and then discuss in particular the question of differential sensitivity, that is, whether the associated solution operators possess weak derivatives.

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Joint Research Seminar on Mathematical Optimization / Non-smooth Variational Problems and Operator Equations

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