WIAS Preprint No. 2172, (2015)

A weak formulation for a rate-independent delamination evolution with inertial and viscosity effects subjected to unilateral constraint


  • Scala, Riccardo

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 35L04 74C05 74D10 74R99 47H05


  • Second order parabolic equation, viscoelasticity, energetic formulation, delamination, adhesion, rate-independent system, unilateral constraint




We consider a system of two viscoelastic bodies attached on one edge by an adhesive where a delamination process occurs. We study the dynamic of the system subjected to external forces, suitable boundary conditions, and an unilateral constraint on the jump of the displacement at the interface between the bodies. The constraint arises in a graph inclusion, while the delamination coeficient evolves in a rate-independent way. We prove the existence of a weak solution to the corresponding system of PDEs.

Appeared in

  • Interfaces Free Bound., 19 (2017) pp. 79--107.

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