Flexible Research Platform

If there is a current demand, due to certain problem areas and topics arising, additional temporary and short-term groups are set up in a flexible research platform. Currently, the following groups exist (besides the WIAS research groups):

Probabilistic Methods for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Head: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König
The group is performing mathematical research on connectivity and capacity problems in mobile relay-augmented probabilistic models. Its expertise includes dynamic modelling of message propagation in dense networks, bottleneck behaviour in Device-to-Device (D2D) systems, connection times in large networks without infrastructure and wifi-augmented mobil urban communications models.
Modeling, Analysis, and Scaling Limits for Bulk-Interface Processes
Head: Dr. Marita Thomas
Research goal of the group is the development of mathematical methods for systems with bulk-interface processes for the thermodynamically consistent modeling of bulk-interface interaction with dissipative, Hamiltonian, and coupled dynamics. This includes the theory for the existence and qualitative properties of solutions, derivation and justification of interfacial processes and coupling conditions.

An overview of former groups of the flexible research platform may be found here » .