Patricio Farrell

Dilara Abdel, Yiannis Hadjimichael, Stefan Kayser

Marion Lawrenz


Few discoveries have shaped our modern society like semiconductors. They are the backbone of every electronic device. A world without semiconductors is one without television, pacemakers, satellites, cell phones, air planes and computers - and by extension a world without the Internet, social media and online communication. New semiconductor techniques, materials and devices innovate established technologies. Among them are low-cost perovskites for next-generation solar cells, resource-efficient nanowires as well as accurate lasers for self-driving cars. The aim of this group is to develop and analyze physics preserving numerical techniques for such technological innovations.

Research topics

  • Numerical solution and simulation of nonlinear systems of partial differential equations
  • Finite volume methods on Voronoi meshes
  • Preconditioners and anisotropic meshing strategies
  • Charge transport in semiconductors (including perovskites, nanowires and lasers)
  • Physics preserving numerical techniques

Sources: Science Photo [A1], Lewis et al. Nanowires bending over backward from strain partitioning in asymmetric core-shell heterostructures [A2], Pang Kakit (CC BY-SA 3.0) [A3]