Berliner Oberseminar Nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen

Priv.-Doz. Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS)
Prof. Dr. A. Mielke (WIAS, HUB)
Prof. Dr. B. Zwicknagl (HUB)

Die Vorträge erfolgen online via 'Zoom'. Der entsprechende Zoom-Link wird 15 Minuten vor dem Vortrag an dieser Stelle bekannt gegeben.

Mittwoch, 15.15 Uhr

11.11.2020 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) online
The old Stefan problem in a new mechanical context (abstract)
18.11.2020 Dr. Janusz Ginster (HU Berlin) online On the motion of curved dislocations in three dimensions: Simplified linearized elasticity (abstract)
25.11.2020 Dr. Annika Bach (TU München) online Geometrically frustrated spin systems: The antiferromagnetic XY model on the triangular lattice (abstract)
9.12.2020 Dr. Grigor Nika (WIAS) online Effective bulk-surface thermistor models for OLEDs (abstract)
13.1.2021 Anieza Maltsi (WIAS) online On the Darwin-Howie-Whelan equations for the scattering of fast electrons described by the Schrödinger equation (abstract)
27.1.2021 Dr. Sebastian Throm (Universität Münster) online Universal long-time asymptotics for coagulation equations (abstract)
3.2.2021 Dr. Petr Pelech (WIAS) online Separately global solutions to rate-independent systems - Applications to large-strain deformations of damageable solids (abstract)
10.2.2021 verschoben auf 14.4.2021 Dr. Flaviana Iurlano (Sorbonne Université Paris, France) Shape optimization of light structures (abstract)
17.2.2021 Prof. Dr. Giovanni P. Galdi (University of Pittsburgh, US) online On the self-propelled motion of a rigid body in a viscous liquid by time-periodic boundary data (abstract)



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