Seminar Interacting Random Systems

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Mittwoch, 03.03.2021, 11:30 Uhr (Online Event)
Cecile Mailler, The University of Bath, GB:
The ants walk: finding geodesics in graphs using reinforcement learning
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Online Event

How does a colony of ants find the shortest path between its nest and a source of food without any means of communication other than the pheromones each ant leave behind itself? In this joint work with Daniel Kious (Bath) and Bruno Schapira (Marseille), we introduce a new probabilistic model for this phenomenon. In this model, the nest and the source of food are two marked nodes in a finite graph. Ants perform successive random walks from the nest to the food, and ths distribution of the n-th walk depends on the trajectories of the (n-1) previous walks through some linear reinforcement mechanism. Using stochastic approximation methods, couplings with Pólya urns, and the electric conductances method for random walks on graphs, we prove that, in this model, the ants indeed eventually find the shortest path(s) between their nest and the source food.

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Seminar Interacting Random Systems (Online Event)

WIAS Berlin
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, events are currently taking place under restricted circumstances. We offer the seminar online, besides the opportunity to attend it in person in rooms 405/406. As these rooms have a limited capacity of 12 persons, due to hygiene recommendations, we kindly ask those who want to participate in person to register (put your name in the list) in the following google document. If 12 have already registered, please follow the streamed talk. The organisers will send the zoom link shortly before the time of the talk. Please contact the organisers if you are not included in the email list and you want to follow the talk or be kept up to date with the seminar.

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Organisers: Luisa Andreis and Willem van Zuijlen